God's Raw Natural Health - Herbs and Plants

If you have a small patch of garden space or even some containers on a deck, you can grow some of your own health-giving fruits, vegetables and herbs.

If you don't have a place to grow anything, you can generally find a store that will carry organic fruits, vegetables and herbs.

You can also take part in various "herb walks" and learn to wild craft in unpolluted parks and green spaces.

God's Medicine Box is available to YOU! 

If you have the blessing of growing some herbs and fresh produce, here are some articles that you might like to check out.  Use organic soil and wherever possible, organic seeds or plants.  You want to be healthier than you are.  You want to know where your food/medicine is coming from.

Dandelion Juice 

Dandelion Smoothie

Garlic To Go

Lemon Balm, Melissa Officinalis - Health Benefits and Other Uses

Lemon-Garlic Mixture that Chris Wark (of Chris Beat Cancer) Recommends (Recipe)

Nettle Smoothie (Wanting to be a Locavar)

Oregano Flowers - 7 Things to do with...

Rosemary- 7 Things to do with...

Thistles in Your Smoothie

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