The Water Fast & Stocking Up for the Banana Days...

Bananas for a few days on Banana-Mono Island...

Today is the kickoff to the Cleanse... a Fast Day (termed "water" fast, but in general it isn't necessary to state the water part since that is a traditional understanding of fast, that you eschew food and just sip on water.

Yesterday we went through the fridge and ate up anything that wasn't banana.  Ed is going to be doing just a regular 7-Day Low Fat Raw Vegan cleanse, while I will be doing the 7-Day Banana Cleanse-- eating nothing but bananas (although I guess I have permission to eat some greens with the bananas at supper time).

Stocking up on Bananas was an interesting experience, and one we will have to repeat every so many days...

 My husband is very much into "deals and bargains" if you know what I mean.  He is also very conscious of healthy food, so when we go looking for deals on most produce we are looking for deals on ORGANIC produce.  We have about 10 sources for organic bananas in our community-- we don't have a Costco membership, so that knocks that source out.  We jumped into the car and did a quick run and price check (per pound) on the organic bananas in various stores.  Among the several stores that we looked into the price for organic bananas currently ranged from $.87 (Superstore and Walmart), $.89 (Safeway) and $1.19 (Quality Foods and Thriftys).  We weighed out some bananas at home before heading out and found that about 2 1/2 bananas weigh a pound.  We bought the ripest, cheapest organic bananas we could locate today, from two different places.  When Ed purchased several pounds at Safeway,
two people in line behind him quipped, "Do you have monkeys at home?"

There was quite a variation in ripeness.  Walmart had a cheap price but their bananas were grass green.  Safeway's were pretty ripe, and the price was competitive.  Superstore's price was great and they even threw in a super-ripe bunch of bananas for half-price (about $.45/pound).  We ended up with a mass of bananas (as you can see above), some ready to eat tonight for supper, and some that will take a few days to get ripe.  $26 for 31 pounds of bananas.  I don't think you can beat this for a deal where nutrition and weight are concerned.  If you are looking for a great resource on saving tons of money on your groceries (in Canada and the US), check this book out.

Today I have a lunch meeting at the Church with our Women's Ministries.  It's a fast day.  I've done this before and I think the people there consider me a giant flake.  But there ya go.

To your living health!

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