Greener Days Ahead: Good-bye Banana Island

Greener Days Ahead: Good-bye Banana Island

So, now we're on to the "High Raw" leg of our summer journey.  There are still lots of bananas left over from the (aborted) Banana Island trip.  The bananas will serve as the creamy base for our morning Green Smoothies.

This morning we had a Banana-Dino Kale Smoothie (just a couple of very ripe bananas with three or four leaves of elegant Dino Kale, water, whirrrrr, great Green Smoothie!

Yesterday we had one of those everything-but-the-kitchen-sink Green Smoothies: Parsley, Frozen Peaches, Frozen Blueberries, 4 very ripe Bananas, Water.

This afternoon we had a cabbage salad.

I'm feeling bad that I am so fat, but also feel bad that gorgeous Angelina Jolie is getting both of her breasts lopped off in the hope of preventing getting the cancer that killed her mother.  I have so much to be thankful for!

To your living health!

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