Getting Ready for a 7-Day Cleanse on Banana Island...

Today's Green Smoothie:Banana-Strawberry-Blueberry-Etc.
Today I am getting ready for a 7-day raw food cleanse as part of an opportunity to restore health and lose weight.  You can check it out as well (we start tonight with a 24-hour water fast (skip supper) until tomorrow at supper time (fruit supper).  The grocery list and support are provided when you sign up (free) HERE <-- click.

Because I'm a pretty extreme person at times, I'm choosing to do the entire cleanse with bananas and no other raw vegan food-- but that might change, at which time I will complete the cleanse with green smoothies.  WHY WOULD I CHOOSE TO TAKE IN NOTHING BUT BANANAS?

I've been curious about 'fruitarianism' for a while and heard a lot about Dr. Doug Graham's 80/10/10 diet.  While I don't think I could sustain such a way of eating for very long (I'm a Canadian farmer's daughter and although I frequently describe myself as "high raw" vegan, I do like hearty fare from time to time, like oatmeal, veggie soups, beans, potatoes, lentils, quinoa, GF recipes, organic corn on the cob, you-get-the-picture).  I plan to read the The 80/10/10 Diet over the week to learn more and to keep on track.

I also plan to watch Youtube videos daily about the benefits of bananas.  There are some good ones on there, including this one by Freelea, one of the chief proponents of the 30 Bananas/30 Day diet they call "Banana Island".  Eating just one food / raw fruit group at a time is called "Mono Eating" so the method is sometimes called "Mono Island" or "Mono Banana Island"-- people who have watched these videos will know what you mean.

Frealee suggests that doing a Banana Cleanse will result in:
  • amazing mental clarity and happiness
  • hair, skin, teeth, nails will all benefit
  • easier digestion=better absorption of nutrients
  • more energy released for healing
  • ultimate in energy comes from bananas so as long as you get enough calories (1 banana=110 calories that channels through your system very quickly)
So, I'm off into the sunshine to do some work in the garden right now so that we have fresh greens throughout the summer.  

I invite you to join me (and 1000 others) on this Spring Cleanse.  You don't have to do the Banana Cleanse-- a grocery list and  menus and lots of support await you to make it an easy, enjoyable experience:
Go here----------> FREE SPRING 7-DAY CLEANSE (May 5-12, 2013)

To your living health!
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