Day 5 on Banana Island: Voting Myself Off

Lovely Banana-Blueberry "ice cream" (just frozen fruit)
I did extremely well today.. to start.. with my 7-Day Cleanse and Banana Mono Fiesta.

In the morning I made a huge green salad for the weekly potluck at the Church and thought to myself, if I were really tempted, I could just eat some of this.  Then I made a 4-banana smoothie with a couple of ribs of celery and some scraped ginger, all blended up with about 5 glasses of water in the Vitamix until it was smooth and delicious.  I drank a glass-full, felt satisfied, and then poured the rest into a large mason jar to take with me for lunch.

Lunch was as delicious as always, set out in buffet style with the most aromatic cooked vegan fare you can think of, fresh salads, and sinful desserts.  I grabbed my banana smoothie out of the fridge and tried to drink it as inconspicuously as possible.  Whether from good manners or just not noticing, no one made a comment.  But later a goofy friend called me "Banana Lady" so I knew that it had not gone totally unmarked.

Mid-afternoon I had 3 ripe bananas as a snack at home.

For supper I whirled up a Banana-Blueberry Icecream (4 frozen bananas and about a 1/2 Cup frozen blueberries in the Vitamix.)  Very tasty.

 I gave in, gave up, failed.. 

But when our son baked himself a yam, I gave in, gave up, failed.. baked myself (and my husband-- sort of an Adam and Eve scenario, although he had eaten forbiddens already at the lunch buffet) a hunking big yam topped with fresh-made guacamole.  It was delicious.  I know I know.

And there are still piles of bananas left so I guess I get back on the truck tomorrow and see out the last day of the cleanse.

Happy Mother's Day to any mom out there who is reading this on the actual day!  

To your living health!

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