Day 4 on Banana Island: Bananas Revolting

Yummy Raw Carob-Banana Smoothie
For a little novelty today I made a carob-banana smoothie in the morning, and had carob-banana ice cream (with a teeny drop of organic almond extract).

 As with foods, there are some controversies about the safe eating of 'raw carob powder'. Because it is seen as a legume, it has been postulated that there are enzyme inhibitors in raw carob that get in the way of absorption of important nutrients (protein,calcium, iron). Interestingly, raw carob powder is very high in calcium. 

Anyhow, I needed a break from the insistent sweetness of ripe bananas. I enjoy the way I feel when I eat nothing but bananas: calm, energetic, clear-headed, optimistic, but I DO look forward to eating something that is less sweet. I must say that I have NO CRAVINGS for cake and the like. What I do look forward to is brown rice and veggies, beans, that sort of food.

Whirl the following up in your blender:
2 med (200g) bananas
3 tsp raw carob powder
2 (50g) medjool dates
⅔ cup (180g) water
1 cup (180g) ice
Carob-Banana Ice Cream

My husband broke out of the cleanse today by eating something verboten in the morning when he met with his friend to study Spanish, and in the early afternoon he ate 6" Veggie Sub with our son at Subway. I'm trying very hard not to lash out with guilting... but I do say I feel a little lonely. We were supposed to be in this together.

 And there still are about 60+ bananas sitting around in various stages of ripeness.
  •  I like that we lost that bloat (4# for me) and that I feel pretty emotionally balanced with a "silent" digestive system.
  •  I like that it is not a water fast with constant starvation and weakness and having to lay about.
  •  I do like that the eczema in my ears (or whatever it is) is beginning to abate somewhat.
  So I think I can make it through the next couple of days.

To your living health!
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