Day 3 on my Banana Island Trip: Getting Edgy

Elegant, delicious Banana-Celery Smoothie
Day 3 is starting here on Banana Island, and Day 3 of the 7-Day Raw Vegan Cleanse that my husband and I are on.

Had a rather awful night of jerking awake and out of bed with leg cramps (right leg only).  I went down at one point and had some "Calm" Magnesium in a glass of water (with a shot of ACV since I usually use lemons and don't see any around here).  I noticed that a varicose vein in the back of my right new is quite prominent and could be the source of the cramping (poor circulation?).  Today I'm going to jump on the rebounder because that is very good (in my experience: and remember that I am not medically-trained so don't do what I do without talking it over with your trusted health guide).  The rebounder moves the lymph around.  A couple of minutes every hour does wonders.  I'm also going to work in my garden, so not sit so much (sitting is the new smoking).

I had a lovely smoothie for breakfast.  Just whirled up a couple of ribs of organic celery, about 10 ounces of water, and 3 very ripe spotty bananas (peeled of course) in the Vitamix.  I'm only into the 3rd day and already looking for a bit of novelty where the banana-eating is concerned.  When I am done with this cleanse I will opt to do day-long mono-eating vs. several days of bananas, never my favourite fruit.  But I have lost four pounds of bloat, so eating bananas is worth the sacrifice to variety... and it sure does beat water fasting.

I'm getting my yard cleared up so we can plant some haskap and saskatoon bushes, and some saw buckthorn and sour cherry trees.  At some point in the not too distant future I hope that we produce enough organic fruit in our yard not to worry about the possibility of the GMO and pesticide issues of the produce we buy elsewhere.  It's definitely a learning process.  Our son is educating us about a method of growing that involves using organic soil nutrients (not synthetic chemicals) that will up the sugar content of plants so that noxious insects will be repelled by them and that optimal growing conditions will result in high nutrient fruits-- sort of like was the case when the pioneers began growing their crops years ago...

To your living health!

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