Day #2 on "Banana Island"

Banana Island Banana Ice Cream
Wonderful Smooth & Creamy Banana Ice Cream: The Joys of a Vitamix
So, here I am looking forward to another full day of eating nothing but bananas (although I DID eat a few greens yesterday-- I gave myself permission to do so after watching a video about Dr. Doug Graham's 'Banana Island' experience in Washington state showed celery with the bananas on the evening supper table-- purportedly to provide a few more minerals to the diet).

The Facebook page / forum around this particular 7-Day Cleanse is providing a lot of information-- both from Frederic Patenaude who organized the cleanse and from the participants.  You can read more by clicking on read more-->

Question: What Do You Want To Get From This Cleanse?

Participants stated that they were hoping for the following:

  • to release a few pounds
  • to transition into a low fat raw vegan lifestyle
  • to overcome cravings for meat, high fat eating, SAD cooked and processed foods
  • to have more energy
  • to have better concentration, less brain fog
  • to detox from various recent medications
  • to begin healing from health issues like lupus, ADHD, allergies, eczema, candida overgrowth
  • to break out of the late night eating habit
  • to really establish as a "vegan" because any other lifestyle conflicts with a true love of animals
  • to be healthy, look better and experience more acceptance of self
  • to sleep better
  • to get rid of edema (water retention)
  • to say goodbye to serious long-term health issues like heart disease
  • to become independent of pharmaceutical drugs
  • to start a regular exercise regimen
  • to clear up skin conditions
The really amazing thing is that it IS possible to do attain most of these desires with a good low fat raw vegan cleanse!  I look forward to hearing how things work out!

To your living health!

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