Online Success Is More Do-Able Than You Imagine

Have you ever imagined running your own successful online business? Writing recipe books and offering digital books on some aspect of the raw food or natural health industry perhaps? Imagine yourself dishing out useful information on a lucrative blog that leads to great speaking engagements or endorsements for healthy products you love because people are inspired and trust what you offer!

Yes, there are lots of fast talkers on video out there who will let on that you can build a successful internet business in your livingroom in your PJs if you just pay them a sum to show you how, and then they give you a bunch of blah-blah about "quality leads" and "exploding traffic" if you do such-and-such with such-and-such type of website.  Been there, done that and learned all the expensive lessons.  I now look for teachers who break things down into credible, easy steps.

How about internet business teachers who are "real"-- who actually lead pretty interesting, profitable lives without living in fancy mansions (who don't even aspire to fancy mansions)?  Imagine learning about a real business from someone who actually discloses how much money he has made in his own online businesses ($2M) without all the tricky stuff with whited-out portions of supposed bank statements.  Someone who is (in my opinion) a natural-born teacher/mentor.

I'm talking about Fred Patenaude.  Listen to the excellent free information he provides in the following two videos just because he actually leads that "life of abundance"-- walks the talk-- those other boy-os just talk about and knows that a generous spirit and sharing of wisdom are all part of a successful life.   You'll benefit from some of the freely-given information you choose to apply in your business.  Watch the videos above.  Take a look at the excellent tools he offers you to be equipped to Do What You Love on the Internet-- and with a whopping discount for value you can't imagine from your offline campus programs.  If you just want to think about it, imagine a litte more, sign up for his free reports and bonus.

Listen (left) to how Frederic's 'student' Swayze Foster gained 11,000+ by following Frederic's instructions from the class that she took with him.  Her FitOnRaw site includes a blog with lots of great content, a newsletter sign-up, and some of her own products (ebooks for example).  Be encouraged by what Swayze shares.  Her advice: "Listen to what Frederic says".

To your living health!

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