Food Dehydrators: Necessary for a Raw Vegan Lifestyle or Not?

Do you need a dehydrator to enjoy a successful raw food experience?

Quite often at the beginning of the new love affair with raw vegan eating, people tend to use a lot of recipes that bridge from the more complicated (but familiar and comforting) world of cooked food into eating basic raw.  A food dehydrator is useful in this respect.  You can simulate the baking process that would take place in an oven ordinarily and still maintain the enzymatic integrity of most foods.

Beside the whole exploratory and creative adventure of producing something other than salads and smoothies, food dehydrators do allow for long-term preservation of fruits and vegetables (probably the real reason for purchasing one for the long term).

But do you really NEED a food dehydrator?  Can you be a successful raw foodie without one?

Well, we have an Excalibur dehydrator which I very much like.  But the truth is that at the beginning of my foray into preparing raw foods I used the dehydrator at least weekly, took a lot of kale chips to potlucks, and even dried my soaked nuts before making almond milk in my vitamix (producing a sort of 'mylk powder' I guess).... and now the Excalibur gets the most use when I lend it to my son to use.  I love having it "on hand", but I tend not to make so many dehydrated foods.   I would be curious if that is the case for other people with dehydrators and have provided survey in the sidebar to see if it is.  So, I do believe it is possible to have a highly successful career as a high raw foodist without owning a dehydrator (at least a fancy dehydrator) but on the other hand, it is lovely to have a dehydrator at the beginning of the experience to replicate some of those comfort foods you might particularly miss (bread, cake, chips for example).

I hope you enjoy the video product reviews above that cover the Excalibur and two other top-line dehydrators.
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