Raw Vegan Since 1994-- And Not A Famous Guru

There are hundreds of 'testimonials' on the internet to the lives of people of note (Dr. Doug Graham, David Wolfe, Dr. Ritamarie , Frederic Patenaude, Paul Nison, Kevin and Annemarie Gianni, etc., etc.) who have benefitted from a raw vegan lifestyle.  But sometimes it is just useful to know how Joe-down-the-street became a raw vegan, and how it has affected his life.

 Paul Nison has a weekly video interview with raw vegans and this week it is with "Jerry" who has been a raw vegan since 1994! Isn't that amazing?

 Jerry doesn't watch TV or have the internet, so he is pretty much uncontaminated by all the controversy and debate that most of the rest of us follow online.

 I hope you enjoy this interview below. If you enjoy it, you can subscribe to Paul's videos and see a different one weekly.

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To your living health!

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