Making Juice Without A Juicer

There is currently a big push to sell juicers. Many of us invested heavily in a Vitamix or other high-functioning blender, and that seemed to be adequate among the healthy raw gurus at the time. Now there seems to be a new emphasis on juicing. It could be confusing AND expensive.

But I'm here to tell you that it need be neither!

If you have lots of the readies (i.e., cash) by all means gets yourself a real snazzy juicer like a Champion (before it goes up in price soon) or a Green Star or such but if I were you, I'd pass on the latest cheap-o juicer that shows the guy pushing a whole watermelon into the juice hole.  I've been through a few of those 'big promisers' in my past and they usually end up being a huge pain to clean and within a short while they break.  Unlike the big ticket appliances, they usually have a majority of plastic parts that are irreplaceable (unless you want to spend your free time trying to fish one out of eBay-- could work I guess).  I might be wrong.  Read the reviews online and let me know.

In the meantime, your best bet is still a Vitamix or other pretty sturdy blender.  Chop the items up, particularly celery and stringy greens (so they don't wind round and round the blade), and blend them up with a bit of water.  Then merely strain them using one of a few different methods: (1)a juice/nutmilk bag, (2)a paint strainer bag, (3)a collander with small openings, (4)a mesh strainer, or (5)even a clean nylon stocking.  If you have a lot of time you can use a jelly bag or maybe a coffee filter.  Use something that will not add its own flavour or any toxic elements (I suggest unbleached coffee filters if you are going that route).  Rinse out the bag-type strainers with hot water and hydrogen pyroxide (the kind you buy in the drug store is fine) and hang in the sunlight to dry so you don't end up with mold.

Enjoy your "fresh juice" while the season of fresh fruit and veggies is upon us!

To your living health!

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