High Raw Running on Victoria Day 2011

The other day (Monday the 23rd) we went to a local community event called "Empire Days" at a nearby town with an interesting sort of colonial past.  Robert Dunsmuir was a Scots-Canadian coal miner, railway developer, industrialist and politician and the person who had the name of the village changed from Union (for the Union Coal Company) to Cumberland, for Cumberland in England (back in 1891).  The railroad that carried the coal wherever ran through the bottom of our backyard (before it was a backyard, mind you).  At one time Cumberland had one of the largest Chinatowns in North America.  But the "Empire Days" pretty much stresses the Scottish element with quite a few pipe bands (a lot, I thought, for a small community of under 3000 souls).  Some came from elsewhere, of course.

So, we went to Cumberland on "Empire Days" (or Victoria Day, actually) so that my husband could participate in a 10K run for a local charity.  He is preparing for a Half-Marathon in Ucluelet in June so this seemed like an opportunity for supporting a good cause and getting in a good workout.  My husband is a big fan of Brendan Brazier, the Canadian Triathlete and author who is eats about 80% raw vegan-- and, thus, my husband is pretty "high raw" himself.  We both have made adjustments to the way we eat over the past few years, and right now are plant-based, high raw, I guess you would describe us.  Last year in the Ucluelet Half-Marathon my husband did better than in previous half-marathons, and he attributes it to his nutrition-- stuff he has drastically decreased or stopped eating altogether, or stuff that he has increased, or likely, a combination of the two.  So, off he went on the run, and I hung around chatting with the organizers, etc. (sore foot).

When the first runner for the 10K came whipping in I thought to myself that he looked really familiar.  I realized that he was a runner named Terry who had spoken at a Raw Food dinner we had attended a few years ago in Courtenay.  He had talked about how Brendan Brazier inspired him, his book, his Thrive Diet, etc.  Terry told about going on a charity trip somewhere (maybe Asia) and how the people with him were popping all the usual tourista pharmaceuticals and all had had the various shots, some demanding additional ones to prevent getting whatever the latest ill was.  Then he talked about how he ran a marathon when there, ate 'street food' (especially fresh fruit, of course) and ran every morning at day break, trailed by young local kids, while many of his trip mates were moaning with 'effects' from the drugs, the illnesses they had sought to avoid, etc.  He told about how his own personal record in Marathoning had improved, and how he was actually 'beating' some of his marathon heros on the routes, much to his surprise, and on a 100% raw diet.  We came away from that talk very impressed and inspired, particularly Ed, who decided that he would 'up' his raw food intake and sign up for a half-marathon (he had not done one for a few years).

So, fast forwarding to Victoria Day in Cumberland:  I approached Terry and congratulated him on the run.  I went on to tell him that we had heard him speak at the Raw Food dinner.  He sheepishly looked at the granola bar he was eating as he stretched out his muscles... "This is crap" he said, with shame.  I asked if he were still 100% raw vegan and he said, "Nah, unfortunately, I fell off the wagon a while ago... wish I was... I feel like crap these days" (sorry, he used that crap word rather a lot lol).  He told me that he did try to eat "amazingly huge amounts" of raw food, which I reframed as "high raw".  I asked (maybe a little rudely), "But you are still vegan, right?" to which he responded, again with a trace of shame, "I TRY to be".  Around that time a fellow with a big plate of french fries and a hotdog was passing by and Terry pointed at it and said, "Now that's a nightmare" at which point the guy with the standard carnival fare palpably slouched in shame (it was a whole shame chain, I tell ya), to which Terry attempted damage control with a quick apology.  

High Raw Running Man
My dear husband came running in and I eventually told him about my conversation with Terry.  He had identified him on the course-- Terry had gone flying by him, taking long strides he said.  He is still obviously an outstanding runner/athlete, but I must say that he seemed very remorseful about not being 100% raw because of how he remembers feeling, it would seem.  Ed is thinking that perhaps our little conversation will maybe spark him to look at improving how he eats again... eating less of what he is currently eating that makes him feel "like crap" and eating more of the fresh, raw foods that he felt so great eating back when...
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