Tips for Surviving Radiation Poisoning


Everybody is worried and scared about the RADIATION COMING OUR WAY! I wish everybody had the same fears and concerns about the toxic crap that has already landed on the shelves of our supermarkets. ~Ronnie Skurow on Facebook

If you are eating a high raw vegan diet you are doing better than many during this radiation crisis.  David Wolfe suggests the following supplements (mainly to protect the "shield gland", the thyroid) and to detox from radiation poisoning:

(1)  Kelp
(2) Ginseng
(3) Ashwaganda
(4) Chlorella
(5) Fulvic Acid
(6) Zeolite
(7) Iodine
(8) Celtic Sea Salt
(9) Reishi Mushroom
(10) Salty Miso
(11) High Dose Vitamin C
(12) Magnesium
(13) Coconut Products such as Coconut Cream
(14) Selenium
(15) Megahydrate
(16) Crystal Energy

My friend Jodie has the following tips in case of an earthquake:
(1) Pack your emergency kit-- individual kits in light backpacks are a great idea.  Put them with a warm coat beside your bed.  Put a flashlight with your kit so when you wake up you can easily reach for your flashlight, your coat and  your backpack, and make your way out, away from the exploding gas-lines!
(2) Have at least 3 days of drinking water available.  David Wolfe says that it is likely that very soon (thanks to the Gulf Stream) the West Coast (including British Columbia) will have radioactive fall-out in all waterways.

To your living health!

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