Get Cultured: Getting The Most Nutrition From Foods You Already Enjoy


Cultured Foods have made a difference in people's lives for hundreds of years.  Culturing-- or fermenting-- is a way of introducing the gut-friendly probiotics into enzyme-rich foods that intensify that food's ability to nourish you!

When you think of fermenting, what comes to mind?  Wine and other alcoholic beverages?  Moldy cheese? Pickles?  Sauerkraut?  That was certainly pretty much the extent of my understanding of the purposeful fermentation of foods.  If I had sat down and thought about it a little, I would have realized that there were a number of cultured foods in my diet, stuff I really loved eating (at least at some point in my life): like yogurt, miso, and recently, gluten-free sourdough bread!  In my more distant past I had taken a macrobiotic cooking class and learned to do a quick pickling of dison radish with tamari sauce for vegetarian sushi snacks.  And, yes, we use raw apple cider vinegar in many of our smoothies and other raw vegan recipes.  (And now I know that there is a huge list of other cultured foods as well... it's another new path to explore in getting healthier!)

When we first started eating more raw vegan foods, our son introduced us to culturing vegetables in the natural, traditional way (not with large doses of vinegar and boiling on the stove).  I was amazed at the fresh, zingy sauerkraut that he made (no vinegar, and with the inclusion of root veggies like garlic).  Knowing that this refreshing food was also extremely nutritious (in a way that the morphed salty, sour, cooked and canned sauerkraut could never be) was a surprise and a joy!  It also widened our repetoire of raw vegan fare.

Now I know that there is the course of all courses for learning everything you could possibly want to know about culturing your own foods (and some that I don't want to know, like naturally culturing bacon and corned beef-- but hey, I don't use pay attention to some of the more popular occuring raw vegan recipe ingredients that some of the gurus promote, either, like agave syrup or 'superfood' additions to smoothies.)   I am keen to learn more in this intensive course and thought that you might also want to take a look at it.  Here is the link that will take you there.  Below is a video that tells you a little more.  Please note that the registration for the program on culturing has been extended to March 4th, so you still have a few days to sign up!

To your living health!

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