8 Days Raw

On this 8th Day of eating raw vegan(I've given up calling it a "raw cleanse" since I pretty much violated the rules by not doing juicing exclusively on any day) we started the morning with our usual 32 oz. of lemon water, a walk along Marine Drive by the Comox Harbour, and then a lovely green smoothie. For lunch we had a broccoli-romaine type salad with a fantastic raw Caesar dressing that I have recorded as a 'smoothie'recipe here--> http://www.smoothiemoves.com/2011/02/smoothie-of-week-raw-caesar-dressing.html

I took it easy on the Celtic Sea Salt after listening to Dr. Fuhrmann last night decry the problems with ALL salt. It won't be as salty (by far) as your commercial Caesar dressing but you will feel a lovely sense of satisfaction, well-being. Try it and see.

Speaking of Dr. Fuhrmann, if you missed his online 'debate' with Jonny Bowering, then be sure to catch tonight's debate between Dr. T. Colin Campbell ("The China Study" author) and Sally Fallon (who promotes eating animal fats and proteins as part of a healthy diet). I am talking about The Great Diet Debate, of course. The first night we listened to Dr. Gabriel Cousens and Dr. Joe Mercola. We are taking notes like crazy and learning a lot. It is online and free. Click here to sign up.

To your living health!

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