Day #20 of 28-Day Raw Re-Set Cleanse

While I have diverged quite a bit from the more consistent regimen of raw juices and smoothies, with the odd salad thrown in at supper, I am happy to report that Ed and I are mostly raw (we have the odd cooked item, such as quinoa or sweet potato)these days, and loving it!

The true test has been attending our Church fellowship meals that are teeming with famous vegan dishes (veggie lasagna, gluten entrees, different pastas and sauces)and, of course, tempting desserts. Were we able to resist the pull of the toffee-Black-Forest-ice-cream-sex-in-a-pan delicacy that Satan catered up just for us? You bet! How did we do that? Well, I took along a pretty substantial green salad and yesterday added in a yummy coleslaw, so we just thoroughly enjoyed it and weren't drawn elsewhere even by the delicious aromas. Granted, the dressing I used on the coleslaw was pretty 'rich' in that it contained walnuts and dates, but it was ALL raw (I am aware that raw nuts are a high source of fat and can be detrimental in a reducing diet). It's a great pleasure to both Ed and I that we are consuming more raw, whole foods and much, much less processed foods.

What have we noticed? Well, no, I don't think I have dropped a pile of weight-- I actually haven't weighed myself since the outset-- but I do have improved digestion, I go to bed tired at 10pm and wake up alert and rested early in the morning, and I don't go through the brain fog that I used to in the early afternoon (usually requiring a sleep). I don't have cravings, and for me that is pretty amazing. Ed observes increased energy and strength when working out. Neither one of us have gotten the rotten flu bug that is ravaging our community, but I DO have a blocked ear, so I'm thinking that perhaps that is how it is showing up for me? It's possible.

The picture above is of coconut noodles on a bed of greens and fruit. The noodles are made by scraping the soft flesh from a young Thai coconut with "The Cool Little Noodle Tool" that is sold at designed and imported from her native Vietnam by Minh Skurow (of Ronnie&Minh). You can see how it works in one of the videos on their site (they make lots of great raw food vids). One of my Facebook buddies is going to make up a coconut noodle curry recipe and I'll share that here sometime as well.

Today's morning juice (after consuming about 32 ounces of fresh-squeezed lemon in filtered water) was simple: a bunch of washed organic celery, chopped to 3" so the strings don't wind around the juicer gears, a peeled small finger-length of organic ginger, and 3 hard organic apples, cut and cored. Sweet, clean, tangy! (and remember that you don't necessarily need a juicer to do this-- you can use your Vitamix or other blender and then strain through a nut-milk, or juice bag-- or even a paint straining bag).

And if you are looking for a nice raw cleanse to do over 21 days, check the following out by clicking on the link:21-DAY SMOOTHIE DETOX- Tera Warner and special guest, Victoria Boutenko, are teaming up to put the spring back in your step this March! Learn more by clicking HERE

To your living health!

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