Day #2 of a 3-Day Raw Energy Boost Cleanse

The Yummy Breakfast
Wow, I'm doing a great little raw food cleanse for three days to ease into the 28-Day Re-set Cleanse over at the Raw Food Rehab community (FREE-- you can join up any time).  Penni Shelton, the "Program Director" over at Raw Food Rehab (read: the "Founder") wrote the neat little book "Raw Food Cleanse: Restore Health and Lose Weight by Eating Delicious All-Natural Foods Instead of Starving Yourself"

I started this cleanse last year but didn't last the run... can't remember why not, but perhaps life got in the way?  This year I not only have my dear husband joining me in this endeavour (which makes the meal prep infinitely less complex), but also have a few inspiring friends from Facebook there with me as well.  We have been having fun comparing notes and getting to know each other on another level.  Great support, great recipes, great community and really impressive testimonials of weight loss and the overcoming of some pretty serious disease just by eating the way God originally intended-- or eating that way for 28 days for most.  

Fragrant and Comforting "Balancing Broth"
Part of the cleanse includes going to bed before 10 pm-- a very good idea!  This morning, as a result of turning in so early, I was up and showered by about 4 a.m. (I just thought it was your usual dark winter morning lol).  And the amazing thing?  I went all day without flagging until about now.  Sucking on lemon water (shades of the "Master Plan") also adds some zip to the old bones.  Come on in-- the water is great! lol  OR there is also the Raw Mom 7-Day Challenge Cleanse going on at this time as well that you might rather check out!  I guess we could say Raw Raw Raw!!

And don't forget that Oprah and crew are also doing a bow to the Vegan Lifestyle this week too (not raw vegan, but it's a start)! 
Tonight's Coleslaw with Cilantro-Lime Dressing

To your living health!
(also see the post with the information about other time-sensitive cleansing and instructional events in the raw cyber-world by clicking here.)

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