Why I Love My Vita-Mix®


Vita-Mix® , why do I love thee? Let me count the ways (apologies to Ms. E. B. Browning):


I really wish I could go back in time and just NOT buy all the kitchen small appliances that I have invested in over my marriage: I mean, I have owned three food processors, 3 juicers, and lots of other gadgets and whatnots that I could very well have done without if I had just invested in a Vita-Mix® way back when. Vita-Mix® is like TEN appliances in ONE… really, nothing I have come across compares with it. AND, the company promises if you substitute just one Vita-mix®-made soup, frozen treat, and smoothie a week for your usual store- or restaurant-bought similar item, that you will recover the cost of the Vita-Mix® within a year. The nutrition in a soup or smoothie you make will far surpass the nutrition in a bought soup or smoothie. I know that I only use organic and that I don’t add a bunch of preservatives if I make a fruit ice, for example…. like no corn syrups and other processed sweeteners. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that it costs less (a lot less, it turns out) to prepare my own meals than it does to eat ones someone else has packaged for me. Ka-ching!


The Vita-Mix® that I own has been in our family for almost a quarter of a century. I must admit that when I inherited it from my folks, I bought a new wet container with blades because my parents were not vegan (we are) and I didn’t want even the vestiges of old bacon fat on my veggies… lol. Something like that. Vita-Mix® is so versatile. Everyone knows that you can make ice cream with it, or cook soup in it, but did you know that you can perform “35 unique kitchen tasks” in the Vita-Mix® machine? The really cool thing is that you don’t need all the attachments and doodads… thus, less cupboard space and hassle and frustration! And Vita-Mix® can be cleaned up in a few minutes with a drop of soap in warm water! Anyone who has ever had to clean out the conventional juicer will appreciate this.


Although I’m not really someone who is smitten by brand names, I know that the Vita-Mix® Machine has been around for many years and has pretty much “proved itself” where quality and durability and fine workmanship is concerned. Vita-Mix® is built in the US to last for a lllllllllooooooooonnnnnng time. TheVita-Mix 5200® (or Total Nutrition Center®) purchase comes with a 7-year warranty… I don’t think I know of any other appliances with that sort of guarantee on performance!


The Vita-Mix® is the Green Smoothie maker and Green Smoothies, in my opinion, are a satisfactory raison d’etre for owning this ‘whole food machine’.

My son and his wife were excited to make us a smoothie in their new Smoothie Maker. Unfortunately, it balked at having too many fruits in the container and wouldn’t work. I felt bad about their frustration and more than a little smug when I transferred the mass of stuff into the Vita-Mix® and it did the job in a few seconds.** Nothing breaks through the vegetables’ cell walls to release all the phytonutrients like the 200+ mph rotor on this powerful machine. Stop buying all those useless ‘supplements’ and get your nutrients from whole food…. gain energy, slim down, experience the health you haven’t known in years!


This company has been around for more than 90 years, helping people to create healthy lifestyles for themselves. My experience has been that if I have a question, they are there for me– by phone, by email, with important on-line information and recipes. What I find to be a particular blessing, as a Canadian, is that Vita-Mix® has operated a distribution and service depot in Windsor, Ontario for the past many years. That means having service that doesn’t have to jump through all the hoops that border-crossings sometimes entail. It is reassuring to know that this company is really committed to its customers’ satisfaction. A recent independent study showed that 93% of Vita-Mix® owners would buy again. That’s customer loyalty, and it says tons about the quality, versatility and service that marks the Vita-Mix® above all other similar appliances!

**Because I’m buying a new Vita-Mix® Total Nutrition Center I will be passing our current Machine along to our son and family– this will be serving the third and fourth generation of our family…. is that what Vita-Mix® company means when it says “You can expect it to last a lifetime”?

To your living health!

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  1. I love my Vitamix! Quick easy smoothies. Great hot and cold soups that are so fast to make and easy to clean up afterward. Oh and Mango icecream is quick, tasty and always a welcome speedy treat!

  2. Making a green smoothie in my Vitamix when I'm in a hurry to leave for town and there's no time for breakfast is a life saver!