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Yes, it is the dog's end of winter and there seem to be a lot of health events so that we can ready ourselves for our bikinis in the summer?  Not sure, but I'm not complaining!  I had an email from Dr. Ritamarie this morning reminding me about the following health and information events and thought I would pass them along pretty much as she wrote them (just click on the highlighted links to go where they go):

1- Get 40 Fr**ee Recipe Videos plus an e-book and vote for our own amazing Chef Karen Osborne. Karen entered a video of her famous Fudge Cherry Bursts in a Valentine Recipe contest.  I love these!!! We taught them in our holiday sweets class in December.

If you missed the class here's your chance to watch this fabulous dessert being prepared. If you've seen her make these, watch again...she has some extra tips for making the recipe easier.

As a bonus for voting you'll get an e-book of all of the recipes entered in the contest.

UPDATE: Read about the winners and see their videos at http://hotrawchef.com

Support Karen and get yourself a collection of great recipes.  

2- The next Premier Summit will be tomorrow. It's called "Dozens of Proven Ways to Lose Weight and Keep It Off

I'll be one of the 20 featured speakers! My talk is called Hormone and Immune System Secrets for Achieving Your Ideal Weight 

You can listen online free, anywhere in the world. No phone is required. Each interview is available for a full 24 hours!

3- The Vegetarian Health Institute has a brand new course, designed for you if you would like to earn a living teaching raw or vegan food preparation classes, coaching or selling books, ebooks, or videos.

It's called "Raw Food Riches" and features top chefs teaching their  secrets for how to make money teaching classes, leading tele-classes and coaching.

I am one of the featured speakers. There are only a few seats left and it starts tonight.  Get all the details at
===> http://goo.gl/Vi6q8

4) Kevin Gianni of Renegade Health is hosting a not to be missed event that starts on February 6.  It's called the Great Health Debate and features 14 health experts with different opinions virtually going head to head.  Each night 2 experts with opposing views on a particular aspect of health will be interviewed.  It's going to be hot!

There are a couple of free videos just for signing up!  
===> The Great Health Debate

5) My brand new course is for you if you're tired of guessing at the right diet, supplement and exercise program for you and you'd like to really know. It's also for you if you're frustrated with eating well, exercising and not seeing results.

I'll be teaching my 7 step evaluation system to help you discover vitamin and mineral deficiencies, hormone imbalances and subtle signs of dysfunction.  By applying these assessments you can save money on doctor bills, supplements you don't need, and expensive superfoods that may not be working for you.

A select group of health detectives will get to know themselves from the inside out so they can create a nutrition and lifestyle program customized for them.  Will you be one of us?  Check it out at
  ==> http://www.assessyourbody.com  

Love, Health and Gratitude,

Dr. Ritamarie

To your living health!

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