Sunflower-Pumpkin Seed-Mixed Greens Pesto Recipe

My husband is off with the car and I find myself in the rare predicament of not having ingredients for pesto… not that we eat pesto very often, but we usually have quite an array of raw fixings, including lemons, olive oil, young coconuts, etc. Well, I had none of the preceding items. What I DID have was a couple of containers full of the most beautiful glossy dark purple basil you could ever want to see in the sunshine, and some lovely stately Pineapple Sage, also in a container, as well as a lot of other greens here and there, not so glossy or stately, but usable. So, grabbing inspiration and tips from another blogger friend. This is what I put together with what I had in the kitchen:

*Pick about 10 Cups (loose packed) leaves of choice: I chose about 4 C. of the splendid African Basil, about 2 C. of Pineapple Sage, about 1 cup of Mint leaves and the rest made up of the bitter tops of pretty but almost-bolted leaf Lettuce (so about 3 Cups). Go ahead and pick the leaves you like the taste of — experiment.
*Put about 1 Cup of nuts or seeds of choice into your blender or food processor and chop until crumbly
I used mostly sunflower and pumpkin seeds, previously soaked and dried in the sun on a really sunny, hot day
*Add the other ingredients to the blender:

3 T. Lemon Juice (which I didn’t have, so used Apple Cider Vinegar)
1 T. Miso (adds exceedingly yummy and intense flavour)
3 T. Olive Oil (which again, me no have– so I used– ta dah– Organic Sesame Oil)
the 10 Cups of Leaves
1 chopped clove of Garlic
Celtic Sea Salt and whatever other herbal seasoning to taste

Whir up to the creaminess that you prefer– more nuts mean more fatty, creamy texture (which means more calories and fats– I just take a multi-enzyme cap with the meal : )

We are eating it on rice fettucini, but I bet it makes a fab dip for fresh garden veggies or over some veggie pasta.

Now, I happen to really like the sort of bitter, sour notes of this particular medley, but if you find it too much of that, I would suggest you might throw a lot more baby spinach in (in lieu of the bolted lettuce and maybe the Pineapple Sage)– spinach will also give it a lovely green colour, according to Bee.

Because this pesto took a sort of Asian twist (with the Miso and Sesame Oil) I’m going to sign off with mànmàn chī! (in Mandarin, roughly equivalent to ‘Bon Appetit’)

To your living health!

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