Health Considerations for the Mostly Raw Vegan Lifestyle

I like the idea that by eating organic vegan I am not eating vegetables and fruits that have been bathed and infused with all kinds of toxic chemicals and poisons.

I like the fact that organic vegetables and fruits have 50% more enzymes than factory-farmed fruits and vegetables.

By simply consuming 20 ounces of raw organic fruits and vegetables as a green smoothie each morning I am getting more of the basic “building blocks” of health in my diet than if I ate only cooked foods.

By buying organic vegetables and fruits I am registering that I choose not to eat GMO products. I want to have as much control over what I ingest as possible. I actually prefer to grow as many of my own vegetables and fruits as possible, augmenting the soil with compost and sea soil (possible because we live near the sea).

I love the variety of fruits and vegetables and nuts that are available, their luscious flavours and how they make me feel and look.

I am not risking eating all the chemicals and other poisons that are directly fed to animals, nor the chemicals and other poisons that are indirectly fed to animals (such as the poisons that may have been fed to the father of this particular animal I choose to eat, or the poison in the body of the fish that this particular fish ate off the bottom of the fish farm feeder tank).

I sleep better at night.

I have increased energy and more youthful joy back in my life.

My cravings for junk food have diminished significantly.

My anxiety level when traveling has gone down to the extent that I can now travel for several hours without having to make three or four or five pit-stops by car or several fruitless (hmm) visits to the washrooms on planes.

If you have never seen this PETA video, you might want to see what happens with factory-farm raised animals that end up on dinner plates across the world-- I often think about the effects of stress on these animals and how their stress hormones are translated into our own health issues when we eat their flesh.

To your living health!

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