Demented and Raw on Facebook... Guessing the SUPER SECRET SPECIAL Guest

My goodness, I so covet (a very bad situation for a Christian) the little coconut noodling tool that I am in like a dirty shirt when Ronnie (of Ronnie and Minh) on Facebook riddles us with the following:
"Wow! Great lunch today at Au Lac with Zelda the 80+year young Raw Foodist friend of ours and a SUPER SECRET SPECIAL guest who is 90% Raw! A free DVD or Noodle Tool to 1st person to guess the name of our SUPER SECRET friend." Then I think he went to bed after we provided 19 guesses. I totally gapped on his wanting us to think about a "smash TV show" that the SUPER SECRET guest had appeared on.  So I look like a real dork below... but I guess I look like that anyhow, quoting from Facebook at midnight!  I guess we will find out tomorrw... CAN YOU GUESS WHO IT MIGHT BE? ... here is how it goes so far:

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    • Sharon Is it Woody Harrelson or Demi Moore?
      about an hour ago · 

    • Cynthia Kevin Gianni?
      about an hour ago · 

    • Sharon Most famous and most watched tv show has got to be "cheers", so I'm going for Woody.
      about an hour ago · 

    • Cynthia  second guess: Dr. Michael Beckwith?
      about an hour ago · 

    • Ronnie  Sorry, nobody even close. I love Kevin Gianni, but i don't think he has been a regular on a smash hit (one of the biggest in history) TV show, though no doubt he would be great at it. Woody Harrelson and Demi Moore have been on big shows, but not as big as this one. Dr. Michael Beckwith? Are you serious, the secret is nothing compared to the popularity of the show this person was a regular on.
      about an hour ago · 

    • Ronnie  Also Sharon .... the show "cheers" will be long forgotten when the show I am talking about will still be considered cultural phenomenon.
      about an hour ago · 

    • Sharon ok, so maybe the show is Sesame Street? You've got me stumped. By the way, I've made the crackers and the bread from the DVD and both were fantastic! Now I want the first dvd.
      about an hour ago · 

    • Rebecca  I love Au Lac. Maybe I'll meet you there some day. Have fun with your contest. I'm just going to watch until someone gets the prize. Thanks for the fun. Blessings.
      about an hour ago · 

    • Sharon Can you give us a little hint? Like decade of show, male or female, something like that? I suddenly wish I had spent more time watching TV but I don't have one.
      about an hour ago · 

    • Cynthia sorry, I missed the clue about the smash TV show... goodness, I'm so outside the TV loop that I probably wouldn't have a clue... Robin Williams? Jerry Seinfeld? I give up : )
      about an hour ago · 

    • Marianne Hmmm... Bigger cultural phenomenon than Cheers? 80+ years young? How about Betty White? Bill Cosby? Carl Reiner?
      about an hour ago · 

    • Sharon  with those clues, it has to be Oprah! am I right??
      54 minutes ago · 

    • Rebecca  Yes, was it Oprah? She's going to be doing a show on going vegan for one week.
      48 minutes ago · 

    • Cynthia  Ellen ?
      48 minutes ago · 

    • Cynthia  Leonard Nimoy? Now I really will shut up and let other people guess... lol
      46 minutes ago · 

    • Lorna  Jaime Oliver?
      44 minutes ago · 

    • Abeba  I'm to tired to think but I love my tool it's great, my brain is in a fog. I had a busy day and am preparing for a raw festival sunday. The krazy krackers are the diggety hot bomb, yeah baby
      42 minutes ago ·  ·  2 people

    • Sharon  Can't be Oprah. She wasn't regular on a smash hit. She owns and runs her show. That was my first thought too. She should be raw vegan though! At least for a year or two.
      30 minutes ago · 

    • Cynthia  Ah, but Dr. Oz is just ON her smash hit...hehehh... I think Ronnie has left us hanging until tomorrow?
      25 minutes ago · 

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  1. Just wanted to let you know that I did it-- I won the Cool Little Noodle Maker from Ronnie & Minh! The Special Secret Guest is MARY GOFF who appeared as a child on the original Mickey Mouse Club. She is now a dedicated raw foodist. (Thanks to Google). God bless, Cynthia

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