Uniqueness: There is not "A Way" for Every Body to Eat

Donna Gates of BodyEcology
I am back to grappling with the whole issue of being 100% raw vegan... just short months ago I thought that this was my goal... and now it seems that the raw gurus I have been following are all jumping ship (you know who you are, haha).  It seems that different people have different nutritional needs and digestive abilities.  It turns out that some people (maybe a lot of people) don't really succeed with a 100% raw diet.

 And now I have begun to consider what Donna Gates of Body Ecology® has to say.

Gates is a long-time health innovator and consultant who looks decades younger than her 64 years.  She brought Thai coconuts to the West Coast of America while others were still knocking coconuts for their "high saturated fat content" (which turns out to have originated as a WWII ploy to switch the American consumer away from coconuts to American-produced high-fructose corn sweeteners.)

Gates also says that sometimes some people "need" to have the strengthening of animal proteins and fats in their diets... yikes.  That could mean organic butter, ghee, organic eggs and even fish, fowl and red meat (??).  Cooked food.

But mostly she is big on using fermented vegetables (sauerkraut is one fermented vegetable you might be familiar with) to help restore our digestions and immunity.  Our younger son makes excellent "raw" kraut and a mix of veggies (even garlic) that are delicious.  It seems that the fermented probiotic qualities are provided by "good" bacteria that will clean the gut, colonize it, and, yes, keep you alive.

The following interview with Alex Ortner of "30 Days Raw" provides a pretty attractive reason for at least heavily researching the benefits of fermented veggies.  Listen and tell me what you think...

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