Fred reports about "Raw Food Controversies"

As you know, I am very fond of several leaders in the raw food arena-- Fred Patenaude-- known to some as "Mr. Raw Food Controversies"-- is one of my old standby faves.  For the past few months he has been traveling the world with his bride.  He has recently been 'holed up' in Thailand working on his new book, "Raw Food Controversies: Avoiding Mistakes That Can Sabotage Your Health".  He states that it will likely be out for Christmas (although he makes no firm promises).

He is insistent that it is NOT an anti-raw book, although he does a strong critique of some of the pitfalls he came across himself over the years, as well as talking about what he did to correct the situations.  In this new book, Fred:

  • talks about having been very ill as a result of certain raw food choices he made
  • exposes what he sees as the biggest raw food controversies
  • talks about what foods he ate to get back on track after being ill
  • details what happened when he ate cooked food after being 100% raw for 14 years
  • talks about why he experimented with eating animal products, and why he stopped that
  • exposes why some of his acquaintances and friends actually died as the result of following the wrong raw food advice
  • explains what raw food choices ruined his teeth and how he completely stopped any further decay 
  • reveals that his personal story is not unique, and talks about what common threads run throughout the stories of others with similar negative experiences
In this book, Fred makes an effort to explore what really works for him-- what diet is the optimal one for health and longevity.  He states that the book reads like a novel about a 'raw food adventurer' and that it contains the kernels of truth that many are looking for.

Expect a big launch of this book with some surprise announcements.  You will likely want to check out the rest of what Fred has to say in his blog here and to be notified when the book comes out so that you can take part in the goodies that come with the launch.

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