When Sunshine Is Not Enough-- Vitamin D3 Needed Here!

Earlier this summer my husband's neice and her doctor-husband came with their adorable little kids and stayed with us for a couple of days. 

We love Mike, but since I'm sort of a radical flake around health and healing, we don't always agree on everything. One morning he asked me if I took Vitamin D supplements. I can't remember how I replied, but I do recall him saying something to the effect that "everyone should be taking Vitamin D."

The fact is that ALL my esteemed internet health gurus are promoting the supplemental use of Vitamin D: Frederic PatenaudeKevin GianniDr. Ben KimDr. Ritamarie LoscalzoDr. Joe Mercola, and Mike Adams, Editor of Natural Health.  It's doubtful that all of these guys can be wrong-- even though like our nephew, Mike, and I, they sometimes disagree on the topic of needing Vitamin D supplication they all agree. I invite you to check out what they have to say (click on the  underlined names above and that will take you to material about their individual stances on the subject) or just go ahead and google Vitamin D supplementation if you want.  

See how important Vitamin D is in affecting depression, fatigue, weight issues, autoimmune diseases, even the Big-C in its many different forms.

Kevin Gianni's email this morning talks a little more about how you can test for Vitamin D deficiency and analyze the results of those tests (because doctors generally don't get into those finer points). Here is that email:
Kevin Gianni
Renegade Health
It's getting hotter (in the RV and in my inbox)...
We're traveling east to Phoenix right now and I swear the temperature rises a degree every mile.
We'll be in Phoenix then Sedona, so if you're in the area next week, I'm sure we'll be at Chocalatree more than once. LOL! :-)
Before I start with today's newsletter, I want to share with you the program that is scorching hot right now.
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On to the newsletter:
Yesterday, I wrote about Annmarie and my Vitamin D levels.  A bunch of people wrote in sharing similar stories.  A few more wrote in saying they were angry at us, because sun CAN raise Vitamin D levels.  I want to clarify this in a few ways.
I did not say that the sun can't raise Vitamin D levels.  I said after our sun experiment, our vitamin D levels were still super low.  My message was a warning to those who think that their Vitamin D levels are OK, just because they're in the sun a lot.  This was an assumption that Ann and I both made and it was dead wrong.  I don't want you to make that same mistake.
I don't want you to assume anything just because you heard it.  You need to take an approach that identifies YOUR truth - not anyone else's.  In this case, take a Vitamin D test and see what your results are. 
It's as simple as that. 
If what you're doing is working for you then that's knowledge you have.  If it's not, then you have to change your mindset a bit to accept what you've been told may not be exactly true. (Possibly partially, but not set in stone... maybe just almond butter.)  In this health world, we rely way too much on other people's opinions... including mine.
So it's up to you to confirm or prove what is right for you.
And if it is working for you, please send me the results, I'd like to know about them!
Other viewers wrote in speaking about the article Joe Mercola wrote about a year ago.
This article explained that you can't wash the oils off your body for maximum vitamin D absorption. 
Yes, I have read that article and agree with Joe's premise. I did a video on it around the same time the article came out.  I, myself haven't used soap (besides for particular areas) in over 3 years. So this is not an issue with my own low levels at the time I found out about my deficiency.
Annmarie does use soap, so this may have given her a slightly lower number, but this is only supposition. I don't have any concrete proof on this.  (Side Note: My levels are over 50 now with supplementation and rising steadily.)
Bottom line is this...
I want to thank you for sending in your comments and I want you to know that I care about your health.  That's why I want you to use testing as a way to gauge what's working and what is not.  I for many years assumed everything was OK until I learned about using testing as a health tool.  When I started getting tested, everything was not OK.  It woke me up, big time.
And, of course, if you want to learn more about what tests to take, how to get them done and what the optimal levels are based on Dr. Williams' 30 years of experience,
then please check out our new program here...

I'm melting in Palm Springs now... just a few more hours.
Live Awesome!
To your living health!

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