In Search of the Perfect Peach

mmm peaches! As a little girl on the Canadian prairies the height of the summer was the arrival of fruit from the Okanagan. 

My mother didn’t can or otherwise preserve, but fortunately, my best friend’s mother did, and I was often fortunate to get in on the bounty or plums, pears, peaches, apricots and cherries when they arrived with their relatives who came to visit every summer bearing fruity gifts (wow– actually lived in the heart of such abundance! lol) Peaches were a pretty close tie with cherries and apricots as my favourite fresh tree fruit.

The years passed– lots of years– and I searched every year to re-discover that mouth-charging experience of the perfect peach of my memory. I lived in BC a couple of times. I ate peaches near orchards. I bought bushels of peaches from “Okanagan Fruit” stands.

Something like half a century later– this summer– I actually found and fell in love with the perfect peach of my childhood summers past: it’s called the Red Haven variety, a pretty much fuzz-less semi-cling variety (meaning you still have to dig the pit out a bit, but it’s relatively easy). The sweet, juicy, umm….peachy taste is just what I’ve been looking for all these years!

My husband cringed a little at the price ($50 for 20 pounds, organic) probably because we have been picking blackberries for free for the past few weeks, but I think they are worth every cent. We ordered them from OK Fruit, a company that picks them up in the Okanagan from the orchards about a day or two after they have been picked and delivers them to various locations around BC (and maybe Alberta?). We order them by email and pick them up at our local Mall on an early Sunday afternoon. Perfect! Peachy!

Here is a great simple and delicious green smoothie recipe from Victoria Boutenko, the Green Smoothie instigator:

  • 6 Peaches, cut up, pits removed
  • 2 handfuls of Spinach (or Romaine) leaves
  • 2 C. Water

To your living health!

*peaches image from Pixabay

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