28-Day Raw Food Cleanse starts Monday February 1st 2010

I’m pretty excited about this 28-day Raw Food Cleanse at Raw Food Rehab and would like to invite you to watch the video below (with Penni Shelton, RFR’s Director) and, if you like what you see/hear, then read what is under the video, check out the links, register with Raw Food Rehab, and then register for the Cleanse. It starts Monday, February 1st. The book– Raw Food Cleanse– which Penni has written, can be purchased here (Amazon) or here (BetterWorldBooks) or maybe in your local bookstore.

Today’s Special Edition is for the RFR members who are rallying for the 28 Day Total Reset Cleanse in February.
What Penni/RFR wants to do is help you formulate a game plan for reducing your toxic load and to help you take your raw food cleanse to a deeper level.

–>Before completing the following Questionnaire, etc., be sure to register at the Raw Food Rehab Community Site.

You can determine your personal state of affairs by answering the Life Cleanse Questionnaire (from The Raw Food Cleanse book by Penni.. This set of questions is a simple tool to help you get honest about where you are today and what areas of your life need more of your attention– print it out and fill it in before beginning the Cleanse–it’s yours.

In the questionnaire, we explore what is happening in your world in these important areas:
  • Diet
  • Physical
  • Environmental
  • Emotional
  • Spiritual
  • Lifestyle
On page 26 of Raw Food Cleanse, you’ll find the suggested Focus Foods List. Penni suggests you make a few copies of this list and highlight all of the foods that you know you like and also target a few new foods that you would like to try during the month of February.

**If you are new to the concept of cleansing or new to raw foods, Penni recommends you starting with the 3 Day Energy Boost Cleanse. Starting here will give you a wonderful opportunity to learn how your body will react to this process of freeing up energy for detox.

Beyond that, Penni recommends the 7 Day Rejuvenation Cleanse which is a wonderful protocol that can be consecutively for 28 days. This particular cleanse is ideal for anyone at any stage of the journey:
  • Upon Arising: 32 oz. pure water w/ fresh lemon or lime juice
  • Before Noon: 32 oz. of fresh juice or green smoothie &/or fresh seasonal fruit
  • Midday: Big, colorful salad w/ a delicious dressing &/or raw blended soup or a cleansing raw food entree
  • Snack: Allowed but only if you are truly hungry. This can be fruit, cut veggies w/ pate or dip, fresh juice or smoothie, herbal tea, elixir, smart cocktail or cup of balancing broth.
  • Evening: same as the midday meal.
You can find some wonderful recipes for Detox & Cleansing in the RFR Kitchen.

The 28 Day Total Reset Cleanse is designed for the individual who has the most amount of weight to release & for those with a background of compromised diet, unhealthy lifestyles and environmental exposures.

This cleanse is for those who have been doing this for awhile or who are really serious about taking charge of their health once & for all. This protocol starts off with 10 -14 days of liquids – think juice feast…. (juices, smoothies or blended soups/salads). The remaining days look a lot like the 7 Day Cleanse.

It is highly recommended that you read, Raw Food Cleanse, as it will be your faithful companion in the month of February and beyond. This book will help you elevate and align your thinking to that which promotes vibrant health and it will support you in your long term commitment to living your best life now. It also offers over 100 delicious recipes to insure your success. However, there IS enough information here at the Raw Food Rehab unit to make this a successful month for you even if you haven’t been able to get a copy of the book.


**Above information can also be found on the Raw Food Rehab site at http://rawfoodrehab.ning.com/forum/topics/february-cleanse-overview

To your living health!

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