Essence of Vegan Cheezcake Recipe (via Twitter Feed)

Here is another recipe for “raw vegan cheez cake”– this one is a little more of a creative stretch with just a mere wisp of memory of what cheesecake is about, but it is simple and quite delightfully tasty, so why not?

It is from the Vibrant Vegan website and came to me in a Twitter feed.  Thanks to the creator!

The combination of the sweet dates and tart Pink Lady apple give this a flavor slightly reminiscent of “cheezcake.” The strawberries make this a refreshing, positively delicious 300 calorie dessert, breakfast, late afternoon, or anytime meal or treat!


6 dates, pits removed

1 Pink Lady Apple, cored

8 strawberries

1 tablespoon agave nectar

In your food processor/blender, combine the dates and apple until they’ve been chopped into tiny tiny chunks. Place this mixture on a serving plate and mush together and shape into a circle with a slight lip around the edge of the circle. Set aside for just a second.

Blend 4 of the strawberries in your blender along with the agave until smooth. Pour this over the top of the date-apple “cake.”

Slice the remaining 4 strawberries and place all over the top of the cake, over the strawberry-agave “syrup.”


Be Vegan, Be Vibrant!

To your living health!

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