Almond Joy Chia-zz Cake Recipe

 Raw Vegan Almond Joy Chiazz CakeWell, you knew, didn't you, that I would have to come up with a #10 recipe for vegan cheez cake? And you knew, didn't you, that it would have to be my all-time favourite, right? Well, I've done a little experimenting, and here it is... 

It is a lemony-flavoured one again(thanks to the 4 juicy lemons and 2 oranges) but I used soaked cashews for the cake portion because cashews do result in a creamier texture more akin to cheesecake and are bland enough to not give off their own flavour. 

My BIG innovation was to include a raw chocolate layer between the crust and the cake proper-- just cacao powder, raw honey, coconut oil and lucuma powder, no nuts, etc., so more like a layer of raw chocolate icing (I have not been able to go back to standard processed chocolate or cocoa since getting hold of the Comfortably Raw Chocolate recipes). Have fun with your own innovations! 

  • Soak overnight 2 C. natural raw almonds, pour out the soak wateron your houseplants, rinse the nuts, and remove the skins (it's easier than it reads)-- put the skins into the compost. 
  • (Also soak in another container, 3 C. organic, raw cashews for the cake) 
  • Chop the almonds fine in your VitaMix (or food processor-- personally I can't imagine not having a VitaMix) and pour into bowl 
  • Blend together 6-10 madjool dates (minus the pits, of course), a ripe nectarine, or other fruit of choice, and a Tablespoon of Chia Seed Gel (three tablespoons of chia seed in a jar of water left to sit for at least 15 minutes-- longer is better). Spin up into a sort of paste. 
  • Lightly blend the almonds and the paste together with a fork. 
  • Wipe the inside of the pan you will use (springform is good but not totally necessary) with extra virgin coconut oil. 
  • Press in your almond-date-nectarine crust lightly (just so it clings together not so that it hardens into the texture of asphalt.) 
  • Sprinkle with dried coconut (as much as you like). 
  • Put the crust in the fridge to firm.  Sprinkle with dried coconut shreds.
Raw Chocolate Layer
chocolate layer of chiazz cake
  • Combine 2 T. raw cacao powder and 2 T.Lucuma powder (or raw carob or mesquite would work as well). 
  • Melt 3 T. coconut oil and mix into the powder, along with 1 tsp. organic vanilla (or scraped vanilla bean) andraw honey to taste (depends on how you like your chocolate-- I like mine sweet so use about a 1/4 cup of honey). 
  • Stir and slightly beat until the mixture is satin smooth. 
  • Pour evenly over the chilled crust and put back into the fridge. 

Chia-zz Cake Layer 
  • Combine the following in the VitaMix Canister and blend until smooth: 
    • *3 C. soaked Cashews 
    • *3 T. Chia Seed Gel 
    • *1 C. Fresh-squeezed Lemon Juice (sieved) 
    • *1 C. Almond Breeze or other nut milk 
    • *Pinch Celtic Sea Salt 
    • *1/4 C. melted Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 
  • Spread this mixture over the chilled chocolate layer and put back into the freezer or refrigerator until set (2+ hours).  I like to slice it before it is totally frozen. 

The Taste Test 
Oh my--perfection! The chocolate layer does require a little skill to to perforate (compared to the cake layer), but remember that Extra Virgin Coconut melts pretty quickly in contact with a warm knife, the open air, etc. (actually, in the Philippines, my son tells me, you don't see coconut oil in anything but its transparent totally liquid state) so just carefully and with some strength, draw the knife through... you will be soooo rewarded....

the crust is reminiscent of those crisp almond chocolate-dipped cookies you can buy in fancy bakeries-- or maybe an Almond Joy Chocolate bar... and the lemon chiazz cake topping is simply delicious.  Go look at this baked almond chocolate-dipped cookie recipe or read this recipe for traditional dairy amoretto cheese cake and tell me that this raw vegan chiazz cake is not totally worth the effort? Enjoy!

To your living health!

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