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Is this not every ‘old hippie’s’ dream home?

Right in the middle of the city of Pasadena, California you can find this charming ‘homestead’ belonging to the Dervaes family. They harvest an amazing 6000 pounds of food annually from their 66’x66’ backyard. They grow over 350 different vegetables, herbs, and fruits, gather honey from their beehives, and eat the hundreds of eggs provided each year by their chickens and ducks. The family’s carbon footprint is impressive – they brew their own biodiesel (for a car that rarely gets used), consume just 6.5 kWh of energy a day, eat seasonally (and vegetarian), make their own compost, buy secondhand and make almost all of their food from scratch.

I would personally do a pass on the livestock (but each to his own).

Now if it weren’t for that dim-blasted septic field I’d start building me the same garden layout.

(You can follow this fascinating family's lifestyle through their blogs... one is located at www.pathtofreedom.com )

To your living health!

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