Raw Pistachio Chia-zz Cake Recipe

Desserts are really the first reason that people become raw vegan, truth be known… they are healthy AND tasty and can be eaten as a meal. If you hanker for the creamy sweet uniqueness of cheesecake, here is one we love (called ‘chia-zz’ cake because of the inclusion of wonderful ground chia seed). If you want to know more about the versatile chia seed with all its omegas (balanced) and calcium, etc., do a search on this site. No dairy and No glutens in this recipe! Enjoy!

First, start with the Pie Crust. I have chosen a classic pistachio-almond crust that goes very nicely with the Pistachio-Almond filling, but you could use any raw crust of your choice.

Raw Pistachio-Almond Crust

1 cup pitted Medjool dates
2 cups pistachios and almonds mix (approx. equal proportions of each)
1 cup almonds
2 T, orange juice


Start by grinding the ‘dryer’ of the nuts, one cup of almonds, in a clean, dry VitaMix container. Grind in a slow (about “4″) variable speed. Stop grinding before nuts start to turn buttery. Set Aside for later (do not put this powdered almond mix in with the other ingredients).

Put remaining two cups of pistachio-almond mixture into the VitaMix container. Grind slowly again until fine enough that they just begin to get some nut-butter sticking on the sides of the machine

Add dates and combine thoroughly until the mix begins to ball up as the oils start to pull out of the ground nuts

And lastly, with the machine still running, add orange juice. The clumps of mixture will suddenly ball up in one solid mass.

Now take the ground almond powder that you set aside and put it into a strainer/sifter and shake powder over wax paper. Put the whole ball of nut/date mixture in center. Press down. Sprinkle more nut powder over top.

Put another sheet of wax paper on top. Press or roll out with rolling pin into size big enough to fit pie pan. Pull off wax paper from top side of crust.

Sprinkle almond powder in pie plate and turn date/nut crust over into it. Remove the last sheet of wax paper. Gently press into pie pan and trim off any excess. Dust the rim of the pie crust with remaining almond powder. Put the pie crust into the freezer to chill while you make the following filling.

Pistachio Chia-zz Cake

2 cups shelled pistachios
1 cup almonds
3/4 cup raw honey
1/4 teaspoon Celtic sea salt (or to taste)
1/4 cup extra virgin coconut oil gently warmed to liquid state
4 T. ground Chia seeds (grind in a coffee grinder or the VitaMix)

Soak the almonds and pistachios overnight. Decorticate the nuts. You can remove the almond skins fairly easily by squeezing them and popping the kernels right out. The pistachios might require a little more in the way of persuasion to part with their cortices, but look at how gorgeously green those decorticated kernels are!

Combine the decorticated nuts with honey, salt, coconut oil, ground Chia seeds, and two cups of fresh water in the VitaMix. Position the two-part lid and blend first on the lowest speed, working up to the highest speed for several minutes to make the puree as satiny as possible. Pour and scrape the nut mixture into the prepared crusts, or into individual parfait glasses and chill.

This recipe is based on the Almost Raw Pistachio Cheesecake by the Chocolate Lady in her blog. The crust is an adaptation of Catherine Ryan’s Raw Pie Crust. Recipes are so synergistic, really a community event. I thank the Chocolate Lady and Catherine Ryan for starting this process.

**I was amazed at how the pistachio nuts sprouted overnight, a sure indicator of their living energies. Delicious! ~Cynthia

To your living health!

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  1. Looks great, but a lot of people have allergies to nuts. I know.

  2. Yes, BealcA, this is unfortunately true. People have a lot of allergies in general and tree nut allergies are on the rise with some pretty sad predicaments for those who have the allergies and even accidentally eat nuts. It is a good idea to label the ingredients-- to write them out on an index card, say-- if taking one of these nut-full raw desserts to a potluck, and out of consideration for parents of youngsters with nut allergies, to put it out-of-reach if you know they are there. Fortunately the Creator has given us thousands of other possible fruits and vegetables for alternative treats to those using nuts (or grains or soy, etc.) Thanks so much for bringing this up! God bless, Cynthia