Day, Advocate of Natural Treatment for Cancer, Says: "Don't Take Organs Out"

~from an interview with Dr. Lorraine Day at
When we are facing the statistics that 1 in 3 of every US citizen will develop cancer of some sort, you may want to turn to Dr. Lorraine Day for education, guidance and practical wisdom. At 69 years young on the day we inteviewed her, Dr. Day is a living testament to creating health and healing through natural means.

Lorraine trained as an orthopaedic surgeon and was head of the department in San Francisco General. She has investigated the source of the AIDS virus and has challenged conventional wisdom, her colleagues and the medical establishment. A strong and determined woman, Lorraine tells it like it is, so if you have someone in your family that has a medical condition and you don’t trust what you hear, you may want to pay very close attention to this interview.

If you have anyone in your family that has cancer, please urge them to listen to this interview.
To your living health!

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