Easy, Healthy Recipe for Raw Tapioca-like Pudding

I absolutely love tapioca… but I am currently eating “raw” and tapioca must be cooked… I also  am vegan– and tapioca, to be really good, needs milk and eggs in it.

Well, guess what I discovered?
There is a yummy concoction that can be made raw, it tastes very similar to cooked tapioca, and it will boost your metabolism and increase your absorption of the calcium it contains!  It’s the Chia Seed- I don’t mean the Chia Pet little green sprouts, but the actual Seed… tiny like amaranth.

When you put it into warm water for 15 minutes, it forms a dense gel.  This gel can be used in any ‘raw’ recipes to offer a method of keeping everything together.  But you gotta try this really simple recipe that I call  TAP-CHI-OCA
  • Pour a quarter of a cup of Chia Seed into 2 C. of warm water– whisk to make sure the stuff doesn’t clump or cling to the sides
  • After 15 minutes, whisk again
  • Transfer about 1/2 C. of the gel into a bowl and add your favorite sweetener or fruit (I used about a teaspoon of Maple Syrup).  Stir around.  Enjoy!!  Virtuous Tapioca!
  • Put the rest into the fridge, where it will keep for several days
To your living health!
Thanks for permission for the image above from © Jenny Rollo at sxc.hu

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